IFS Speed Rope - 300cm (Black/Red )
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Product Code: 123JR-EM-5000
Brand: IFS
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The latest generation of professional speed rope

  • Ideal for all kinds of professional jump rope training.
  • Particularly suitable for fast rotations.
  • The rope is highly flexible and therefore hangs straight -
  • no spiral swirl
  • Steel rope with hard-wearing protective sheathing
  • Handles made of shatterproof plastic - with a continuous rotating axis
  • With integrated set screws, therefore quick and easy individual
  • adjustable in length.
  • Manual adjustment - no Allen key required!

Material / design:

  • Handles: hard plastic
  • Rope: highly flexible steel rope, with protective sheathing
  • Rope length: 300 cm
  • Handle length: approx. 12 cm
  • Handle shape: conical
  • Bearing: continuous axis - rotary bearing
  • Color: handles - black, rope / sheathing - red

Packing unit: 1 piece

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