Sidea Si-Sand Bag 5Kg
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SI-SAND BAG – Preloaded bags with grip handles

The Si-Sand Bag series (codes 8045-8049) include five preloaded bags, specially designed for functional training, which has recently been updated in their technical features. Length has been increased to 75 cm, for a more physiologically correct posture and closer to the grip width of a barbell. We have also increased the number of handles from 5 to 8. Handles are padded, practical, and comfortable. New PVC coating and new black/gray finishing make the weight numbering particularly visible.

The bag maintains a high softness and, at the same time, an excellent structural rigidity, which is necessary to avoid excessive deformation. This feature enhances the correct execution of exercises such as clean, snatch, and others.

The line of preloaded Si-Sand Bags is incredibly convenient and practical for functional training. Particularly practical in settings of a group or circuit training, where it is necessary to use as many tools as possible that can hardly cause damage to people and things. Practicality elevated thanks to the possibility to quickly change the weight of the bag.

Dimensions Ø 20 x 75 cm

The Si-Sand Bag series (codes 8045-8049) include five preloaded bags, available from 5 to 25 Kg of weight, specially designed for functional training and recently updated in their technical features. The bags have 8 padded handles which allow to use them for a really vast range of possible exercises.


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