Rubber Roll Black/Grey Hard color 6mm x 10m x 1,25m (12.5m2)
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EPUFLOOR CLASSIC is a seamless, point elastic, indoor sports flooring system. The particulary of this system lies in the application of the installed prefabricated rubber mat, pore sealer, wear coat and top coat. The system offers players maximum comfort and an excellent safety.

EPUFLOOR CLASSIC is certified by the IHF (International Handball Federation) and meets the requirements according to EN 14904 and DIN 18032 Part 2.

EPUFLOOR DOTS and EPUFLOOR COLOR are popular floors for fitness clubs. It can be also used in sports gyms, on surroundings of skating rings, bridges, swimming pools or in walking areas. Its special parameters are achieved by the composition of the rubber granules and colorful EPDM.

Installation is very easy even for non-professionals. Atractive look, many colors and high durability for compression and grinding makes EPUFLOOR® DOTS and EPUFLOOR® COLOR very popular.

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