Adjustable Rubber Dumbbell Set 2 X 10 Kg
Product Code: 123R-KHS-2x10-SET
Brand: IFS
Delivery within 4-8 weeks (needs to be paid in advance)


Adjustable Rubber dumbbell set 2 x 10 kg = 20 kg total weight!
Includes grip pads and exercise instructions

The professional dumbbell set in rubber, consisting of:

2 dumbbell bars thread:

  • suitable for all weight plates with 30/31 mm bore
  • Quality chrome plating with knurled handles
  • Overall dimensions: ø 30 mm x 350 mm
  • Handle size approx. 145 mm
  • 4 thread locks
  • Total weight about 5 kg
  • Weight plates rubber with 8 mm rubber coating, 31 mm hole, suitable for all weight bars 30 mm:
  • black, with metal mounting ring (Easy-PicUp-System)
  • extremely durable - like new after years!
  • Insensitive to scratches and bumps
  • quiet
  • gentle on the floor
  • 4 x 2.5 kg, 4 x 1.25 kg

incl. 1 pair of foam grip pads - for a secure grip approx. 12 x 10 x 1.5 cm

incl. 1 detailed and illustrated exercise instructions: The 20 best free barbell exercises for developing the biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles, illustrated and explained in detail.

General information for allergy sufferers and the smell of rubber:

The rubber used complies with the latest REACH standard and has been tested for harmful substances.
The typical smell of rubber is not a product defect, but a common property of the material used.
With regard to the typical product smell, however, we recommend the use only in well-ventilated rooms. 

For allergy sufferers, the approved plasticizers / preservatives used can lead to allergic reactions in direct / permanent skin contact. Please do not permanently expose rubber products to UV light (e.g. sunlight).

** Allergy sufferers and people with sensitive smells, we recommend our alternative products made of  cast iron , as a  cast gripperto choose with  chrome weight plates  or plastic and  combine them with floor protection mats if necessary  .


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