HD Wave Battle Rope - Level 3 (47.62Kg)
Product Code: 137HDBR3
Due the high demand of fitness products in Europe, we are unable to know when this product will be back in stock!


Full Description
Raise your pulse and get in the zone as you complete a high intensity workout that allows you wave, whip, slam and spiral to target individual muscles to be battle ready.
This heavy-duty Wave Battle Rope incorporates resistance tubing that elicits muscle contractions throughout the entire body and up to three training planes simultaneously. Designed to be lightweight but deliver and effective, fast and physically taxing workout engaging all muscles in your body.
Features include:
-Lightweight and encased in a protective nylon sheath for excellent durability with resistances varying from 50 to 105lbs
-Ranges from level 1 to3
-Includes one 20ft rope with handles featuring safety webbing at each end.

Further Description:
Warranty 1 year
Colour - Grey and Blue
Level 1 HD Wave BattleRope
Weight - 105lbs
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