-Heavy-Duty Resistance Tubing is lightweight but highly durable
-Ideal for replacing Dumbbells or Kettlebells in a workout
-Plastic handles provide improved grip and sturdiness
Heavy-Duty Resistance Tubing - Level 4Heavy-Duty Resistance Tubing - Level 4 thumb 1Heavy-Duty Resistance Tubing - Level 4 thumb 2Heavy-Duty Resistance Tubing - Level 4 thumb 3Full Description
Lightweight and portable but primed for heavy-duty use, the HD Resistance Tubing is the perfect workout partner. The highest level resistance tubing available in the range it is highly versatile and can be used to target large or small muscle groups. Due to the flexible resistance tubes, covered in a strong protective nylon sheath, it can be transported with ease. The perfect replacement for dumbbells or kettlebells.
Features include:
-Plastic handles for improved grip and sturdiness
-Strenuously tested by industry professionals
-4 resistance levels available
Further Description:
Colour - Grey and Red
Warranty 1 year
Level 4 Resistance Tubing
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