Periodization 6th Edition
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Table of Contents
Learn how to maximize training gains with Tudor O. Bompa, the pioneer of periodization training, and Carlo A. Buzzichelli, one of the world’s foremost experts on training methods, in the sixth edition of Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training. Guided by the authors’ expertise, the sixth edition offers information central to understanding the latest research and practices related to training theory while providing scientific support for the fundamental principles of periodization.

The sixth edition of this definitive text presents a comprehensive discussion of periodization based on the philosophy of Tudor Bompa. It features the following:
A review of the history, terms, and theories related to periodization
Discussion of the importance of designing a sport-specific and competition-level annual plan and discarding any one-size-fits-all approach
An expanded chapter on the integration of biomotor abilities within the training process
Comprehensive updates to the information on training sessions, microcycles, and macrocycles
An expanded chapter on the methods for developing muscle strength, including manipulation of loading variables and the conversion to specific strength
A more detailed explanation of speed and agility training, differentiating between individual and team sports
In addition to applying periodization models to resistance training, Periodization also discusses sport-specific endurance. You’ll be introduced to different methods of testing and developing endurance, including the physiological basis for each method.

Instructors will also find a newly added image bank, allowing access to tables and figures in the text for use when creating lecture materials.

Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training presents the latest refinements to Bompa’s theories on periodization to help you create training programs that enhance sport skills and ensure peak performance.
A reference for strength and conditioning professionals, sport scientists, sport coaches, advanced athletes, and any professional who works with athletes. Also for use as a course text for students in upper-level undergraduate or graduate programs related to exercise science.

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