PEAK Yummy EAA - 400g - The tastiest EAAs in the most effective MAP formula - Red Berry Splash
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Yummy EAA – Essential amino acids in their tastiest form

Our Yummy EAAs from the Peak Active line conquer the throne of all amino tastes. The perfectly soluble amino acids appear in an unprecedented variety of flavours. In addition to the well-known classics such as White Tea Peach and Green Apple, four extraordinary flavours are available for intensive training. Whether muscle building or dieting, essential amino acids are suitable for all athletes who prefer a calorie-conscious nutrient supply.

Maximum muscle supply through optimised MAP formula

Yummy EAAs not only shine with their extraordinarily delicious taste, but also supply the muscles in the best possible way thanks to their specific composition. The MAP formula used provides all amino acids in a perfectly balanced composition. This feature enables an almost calorie-free supply of amino acids.

Whether as a replacement for protein supplements or to enhance them, Yummy EAAs are perfect for both areas of application! Yummy EAAs can also be used for training to ensure an optimal supply of amino acids for the muscles.

Vegetarians and vegans in particular find Yummy EAAs the perfect supplement to enhance the biological value of plant-based protein sources. For this reason, Yummy EAA has been produced 100% vegan.

The fact that Yummy EAAs are also unparalleled in taste makes them to the amino acid product 2.0.


A possible formation of lumps in the powder is due to the hygroscopy (moisture-binding property) of the raw materials and does not influence the quality, effect or taste of the product.

The tastiest EAAs in the most effective MAP formula

  • Optimised amino matrix
  • Essential amino acids in very good solubility
  • Ideal muscle supply during training
  • Suitable for upgrading protein quality
  • For athletes in muscle building phases or dietary phases
  • Exceptionally delicious tastes
  • 100 % vegan



                Amino acids:



400 g

                Manufactured in:

European Union

                Outer package:


                Product Line:

Peak Active

                Product type:

Amino acids


16 g

                Training goal:

Endurance, Lose Weight, Muscle building, Recovery

                Dosage form:



Before the Workout, During the Workout, After the Workout

                Product properties:

Aspartame free, Gluten free, Lactose free, Low sugar, Vegan


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