O'live Battle Rope 9m - 38mm
28% OFF (was €139)
Product Code: 133EN50201
Brand: O'live
Delivery within 4-8 weeks (needs to be paid in advance)


The benefit of training with combat ropes is double:

  • They provide an intense cardiovascular workout while working gripping strength and upper body endurance.
  • Another benefit associated with battle rope training is the important role the core is playing in coordinating and maintaining movement execution.
  • Yet another advantage is the fact that it does not require a high level of skill or physical condition;
  • basic instructions are enough to get started.
  • The O’Live battle rope is made of 38 mm safe and non-abrasive black braided nylon and PP.
  • The ends incorporate a heat seal finish that prevents the rope from fraying and provides comfort.
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