The Dune Ball Board is an inflatable half-round ball with a sturdy circular base and a safe round edge with two handles. This tool is part of the so-called unstable bases and wobble boards devoted to proprioception, coordination, strength, and rehabilitation exercises.

The peculiarity of the Dune Ball Board derives from the possibility of using the tool in the same ways in which you would use the aerobics steps for group courses with or without music. Unlike the regular and rigid surface of the step, this board, with its half-round ball made of soft rubber, makes the support unstable.

Several training benefits derive from these characteristics, which makes it suitable for many different applications. This tool proves indeed to be particularly useful also for athletic preparation, aimed at improving performance, technical movements, and motion in settings of unstable or precarious conditions.

It proves its versatility and multi-functionality, also when used upside down. When placing the rigid plastic base at the top, it becomes a support surface for push-ups and a wider variety of exercises. Elastic bands can also be fixed to the handles placed on either side of the tool.

The exercises performed with this tool help to eliminate stress, muscle tension, imbalance, back pain, and joint pain.

Dune Ball Board dimensions

Diameter: Ø 64 cm
Height: 20 cm
Weight: 6,2 kg

New Dune Ball Board 63cm 20 Cm(H)
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