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HIIT for Real Clients!

When HIIT Meets Functional Fitness in the Real World!



Date: Sunday, 5th of March 2023

Time: 9:00 – 18:00

Location: Fitness Factory, 4 Pindou Street, Engomi, 2409, Nicosia | Get Directions

Cost (including Course Certification approved by ACE, ACSM & NASM, Course Booklet, Coffee Breaks & Lunch):
130€ (Until 31st of December 2022)190€ (Until 28th of February 2023) | 260€ (After 28th of February 2023)


More than half of all people around the globe are struggling to lose weight and meet the recommendations for physical activity. On the other side, the global health and fitness industry is on the rise through new trends and workout routines focused on fundamental movement patterns in a small-group training setting. Latest research findings suggest that hybrid-type, multicomponent interval training can be an effective, safe, time-efficient and enjoyable approach to improving body composition, performance, health and quality of life in sedentary adults affected by the most common lifestyle-related chronic conditions. In this workshop, a research-based hybrid interval training program will be presented linking theory and practice. 



The translation of science into practical application regarding the effectiveness of a hybrid-type, multicomponent interval training program on body composition, performance, health, behavior regulation in exercise and vitality in sedentary adults suffering from the most common lifestyle-related chronic conditions.



  • Meet the latest research demonstrating that exercise intervention programs with a hybrid structure based on functional fitness, circuit and interval training can be an effective way get health and fitness benefits.

  • Understand how to design and execute a novel exercise programming relating the worldwide top trends in the fitness industry with a focus on medically cleared beginner clients with controlled chronic conditions.

  • Design, modify and instruct creative, time-effective and progressive integrated neuromuscular training routines from lab to gym for a variety of client abilities and fitness levels.



  • Numerous evidence-based protocols for hybrid interval training focused on previously inactive adults with cardiometabolic complications through innovative and customized small-group training solutions.

  • Proven practical ideas to design progressive circuit-type integrated neuromuscular training programs that improve all fitness components in previously untrained adults with controlled chronic diseases.

  • Coaching expertise and skills about safe and efficient exercise programming combining the top fitness trends in the fight against the obesity and inactivity epidemics.


COURSE OUTLINE (8 contact hours)

  • Introduction

  • Examining interval training as a fitness trend

  • Defining all types of cardiovascular exercise

  • Analyzing all types of interval training

  • Continuous endurance training vs. HIIT

  • HIIT for health in real clients

  • HIIT for performance in real clients

  • HIIT for well-being in real clients

  • Concurrent training vs. hybrid training

  • Traditional HIIT protocols vs. alternate HIIT-type programs

  • Integrating HIIT and functional fitness in the gym setting

  • Designing hybrid-type HIIT protocols

  • Integrating fundamental movement patterns into hybrid interval training

  • Exploring research on hybrid-type training protocols in the fitness setting

  • Practice in pairs or small groups

  • Case studies

  • Recap quiz

  • Summary



  • ACE 0.8 CECs

  • ACSM 8.0 CECs

  • NASM 0.8 CEUs




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