Bell Flex ® - the compact dumbbell system of Figure 2 up to 20 kg

The Bell Flex ® dumbbell pair combines dumbbell weights 2-20 kilograms in an extremely quick-change dumbbell system.
Filed patented click mechanism, the adjustment for weight change gives free, with a slight rotation
is completed the grip knurled barbell. Was added, the mechanism locks the rotation function of the dumbbell bar and protects against an unintentional rotation.

With the slender system for dumbbells design, a FlexBell provides ® dumbbell couple good options for a comprehensive exercise spectrum.
Its compact form is obtained with the Bell Flex ® dumbbells, the potential of a smaller compact dumbbell set, without the larger space requirements.
Recommended for use in Homegym, in the gym of a hotel, for staff training, in the weekend house and for in-house training programs.

a compact dumbbell couple with rapidly variable weight sizes
with knurled dumbbell handles
Weight Size: 2 kg to 20 kg per dumbbell
Gradation weight: 2 kg, 4 kg of 8 kg, 12 kg, 16 and 20 kg
space-saving design dumbbell
Dumbbell dimensions: length 350 mm x width 1800 mm × height 1800 mm
Dimensions including barbell rest: length 400 mm x width 1800 mm × height 1800 mm
Color: black / silver
Handle length: 100 mm
Handle diameter: 35 mm
Note: See Accessories for the larger version of the Flex Bell dumbbell with 2-32 kg and a matching dumbbell stand.

Price per FlexBell ® dumbbell pair including proper weight rests
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