"Heavy Weight" dumbbell rack - modularly expandable

This "Heavy Weight" dumbbell rack can be extended as required. The shelf is characterized by an extremely high processing quality and stability. The dumbbells can be safely placed in the double-level storage area. One module carries a dozen dumbbells; an additional base is added to each additional module.

  1. BASIC MODULE = 144 cm width:
    6 pairs of dumbbellsper module (consisting of 2 feet and 2 shelves)

2nd EXTENSION + 144 cm width:
for 6 more pairs of dumbbells + (consisting of 1 stand and 2 shelves)

All benefits at a glance:

  • Material design: thick-walled oval tube 100 x 50 mm
  • secure stand, free-standing, tipping-proof
  • with rubber feet, floor-protecting and non-slip
  • Suitable for all dumbbells with an inside dimension of 130 mm or more
  • double stage
  • Article disassembled - easy self-assembly
  • including connecting screws


  • Frame / foot: black
  • Shelf: black
  • powder coated

Please make the required size on the order quantity BASIC MODULE + EXTENSION yourself together!

Price excl. Dumbbells.


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