Box, Jump Board & Mat are included! 
Shipping & Installation included!

The first upgrade to the Reformer, the Reformer Tower will add to your repertoire and enable up to 80 % of Cadillac exercises. This 3-in-1 equipment is a space saving smart investment that offers almost everything that you may need for the majority of your patients and clients.

The Reformer Tower has all the key features of the Reformer plus:

  • Coremotion Pilates uniquely make their Re­former Towers from 4 cm beechwood offering a robust construction with less vibrations and disturbing sounds.
  • The 190 x 78 cm Tower allows a 65 cm wide push - through bar made by stainless steel. The push - through bar comes with a fixed holder on top of the Tower that will secure the bar vertically when it is not needed.
  • A safety line connected to a 40 cm stainless steel chain enables you to set the bar exactly where you need it for bottom - loaded exercises.
  • 4 springs on the push - through bar plus 2 for arm work, 2 for hip work and a roll up bar.
  • 30 plus fixed spring positions.

The Reformer Cadillac has all the key features of the Reformer Tower plus:

  • Further versatility with 2 more springs and a foot strap on a trapeze bar.
  • One piece stainless steel trapeze table bars for confident exercises including acrobatics.
  • In addition to its common use, the curved footpad can be used as a headrest for the Cadillac and as a ped-o-pull system for additional arm work exercises.


Standard dimensions and specifications

  • 3 cm beechwood
  • 68 x 230 cm width and length of working mat surface
  • 70 x 240 cm width and length frame
  • 78 cm width with tower
  • 260 cm total length with footpad
  • 50 cm table height (including pad), depending on the frame height
  • Tower height 190 cm


Included at no extra cost:

  • Box 42 x 28 x 73 cm with foot strap
  • Jump board
  • Additional mat 135 cm with foot strap
  • An extra pair of Good Citizen Pilates loops
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