Core Motion - Pilates Reformer
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Product Code: 193CM-PR
Brand: Core Motion
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Box, Jump Board & Mat are NOT included! 
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We work alongside rehabilitation experts to produce a Reformer that can be used with any patient or client. Just as you strive to seek perfection in your teaching and train­ing of Pilates exercises, we have worked continuously to develop a high quality, innovative product that suits your needs. Our equipment is made out of beechwood, hand - sculpted and smooth - varnished ensuring the highest standards of production that will give you the confidence to perform even the most advanced exercises. Our top quality fabrics, which we offer in over twenty different color combinations, will fit seamlessly in every Pilates studio or physiotherapy centre. We pride ourselves that a Coremotion Pilates Reformer will give you the optimum functionality with quality that will endure the test of time.


Key features

  • The 50 cm frame height enables easy positioning for the patient or client and enables you to correct your student without your own discomfort.
  • The carriage mat is 68 x 73 cm with a two - layer composition, soft for laying and hard for kneeling. It can be extended to the full mat version of 230 cm allowing for versatility with just a single conversion of 135 cm without even having to move your client.
  • 5 springs with 3 gears are used to encompass a wide range of resistance.
  • 4 different foot bar positions innovatively designed for easy adjustment.
  • 8 double bearing wheels that provide a smooth and reliable movement of the carriage.
  • Our carved headrest leads your students to find their body centre alignment while our carved footpads will provide safety and comfort when performing side splits.
  • We use top quality ropes, pulleys and rope holders made by Barton that offer an easy, fast and precise adjustment.
  • Slip - resistant and washable top quality fabrics made by Alonso Mercader for safety and hygiene.
  • In addition, the Reformer is fully customisable, at no extra cost. You can choose the frame height and length that suits you, along with a combi­nation of fabrics and Good Citizen Pilates Loops of your choice.
  • To add to this versatility, you can upgrade the Reformer at any time to a Reformer Tower or Reformer Cadillac.


Standard dimensions and specifications

  • 3 cm beechwood
  • 68 x 230 cm width and length of working mat surface
  • 70 x 240 cm width and length frame
  • 260 cm total length with footpad
  • 50 cm table height (including pad), depending on the frame height
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