Sidea Boxing Bag h. 170 d. 40cm 50 kg
Product Code: 1452109
Brand: Sidea
Due the high demand of fitness products in Europe, we are unable to know when this product will be back in stock!



A long heavy punching bag, 50 kg. Suitable for boxing training and combat sports with particular reference to leg techniques, kicks, blowing techniques, knee punching, and correct posture. Manufactured in PVC, excellently finished. It is delivered ready to use; filled to 50 kg, complete with chains, snap hooks, and swivel pin for hanging. Affixing options: the bottom pad is equipped with a metal hook for a possible elastic connected to the floor or to weight, useful to limit the oscillations of the bag due to the impacts. Besides the outstanding finishing, the construction quality is also enhanced by its internal parts and the filling. The bag has a cylindrical internal structure in polyurethane foam, filled with fabric. Structure and material prevent the stuffing from accumulating on the bottom, guaranteeing the best possible uniformity of the cylinder. Uniformity is essential since any irregularities in the cylindrical wall can be stressful and dangerous for hands, wrists, and ankles.

Dimensions: 50 kg 1700-1800 mm.
Diameter: Ø 400 mm


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