Barbell ECO -antislip- 50 mm x 205 cm -black- up to 250 kg
Product Code: 123LH-ECO-50-OB80-B
Brand: IFS
Delivery within 4-8 weeks (needs to be paid in advance)


Barbell ECO -antislip- 50 mm x 205 cm -black- up to 250 kg

Barbell bar in 205 cm length - coated black - for conventional strength training


Material - solid steel

knurled + with reach marking

Coated black

Holders Ø 50 mm - rotatable

Shots with slightly grooved anti-slip finish

Suitable for all commercially available weight plates with a 50/51 mm hole

a model from our ECO series


Total length: 2050 mm

Inner handle dimensions: 1310 mm

Handle diameter: 28 mm

Weight: 13.5 KG

max.load capacity: 250 KG

The specified maximum load capacity of the dumbbell is only given under optimal conditions!

For exercises with a wide grip, such as the bench press, the theoretically highest load on the dumbbell is possible.

In the case of centralized load transfer, such as knee bends, the maximum load capacity is reduced!

If the load limits and areas of application specified in the tables are not observed, the dumbbells may be damaged!

Exchange and guarantee services are excluded in this case!


Please refer to the following table for the application-related load limits!


Type of load transfer      Maximum permissible weight load of the dumbbell            Sample exercise

Wide handle width:        250 KG                      Bench press

Medium handle width:  180 KG      Deadlift

middle / narrow grip width:         140 KG      Squats



Application area                             

Fitness:                YES       

Strength training:             YES

Weightlifting / Powerlifting:        NO   

* Note: dumbbell not suitable for throwing!


Show bundle options     No

Delivery unit      piece

category              50 mm dumbbell bars

Type      Barbell - shots with anti-slip finish

empty field        

Scope of application:     

fitness  YES

Strength training              YES

Weightlifting      NO

Powerlifting       NO

empty field        

material               Solid steel

max       250 kg

overall length    2050 mm

Weight 13.5 KG

Inner handle dimensions              1310 mm

Handle diameter              28 mm

Handle variation               -----

Knurling               knurled and marked

Center knurling ---

Reach / marking               ---

Size of the recording      ---

Type of recording            Shots with anti-slip finish

Rotatable            YES

storage Pivot bearing with maintenance-free sockets

empty field        

Surface coating:               

pole       black oxide

admission            black ** black oxid

empty field        

Certification       ---

tensile strenght                -----

Surface hardness / HRC ---

Closures               Not included in the delivery

brand    Mega fitness shop

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