ATX Vertical Leg Press
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ATX ® Vertical Leg Press

The vertical leg press ensures maximum strain on the thigh muscles. Linear ball bearings and excellent muscle effectiveness guarantee the best results for your leg training!


  • Excellent running characteristics due to linear ball bearing of the weight carriage
  • Compact design
  • Optimally angled footplate and backrest ensure first-class biomechanics
  • wide foot plate with non-slip surface structure
  • with round handle bar attachment, for easier exit
  • with integrated roller band pegs, for attaching resistance bands for increased dynamic load.
  • 2 different start/end positions
  • 4 emergency storage heights adjustable
  • 3-way weight plate holder, Ø 50 mm
  • comfortable upholstery, the upholstery width is 45 cm.
  • Heavy load capacity - up to 350 kg
    With the vertical leg press, significantly less weight is required due to the direct weight impact than, for example, with the 45° leg press!
  • perfect device for professional home gyms, personal gyms or clubs
  • Use Home / Semi Pro



The vertical leg press is a classic training device with a long tradition. Many performance-oriented bodybuilders have often described this version of the leg press as the most effective type of leg press there is - and this is no wonder, because unlike the usual 45° leg press, where a large part of the weight rests on the inclined rails, here the weight acts directly on the leg muscles. The main muscles used are the quadriceps, but the slight hyperextension caused by the exercise position also puts a lot of strain on the hamstrings and gluteus maximus. The vertical leg press is therefore exceptionally effective . The compact design saves a lot of space and the exercise is easy and safe to perform thanks to the predefined positioning. The vertical leg press is a more specialized training device, but because of its excellent effectiveness we decided to develop such a device and include it in our range.

When developing the ATX ® Vertical Leg Press, the focus was of course on safety and professional functionality. There are now various providers of vertical leg presses – either at a price running into the thousands, or low-budget models which can be safely described as children's toys. With the ATX ® Vertical Leg Press, our developers have succeeded in developing a really high-quality device at an absolutely unbeatable price in this quality segment - Quality Products Designed in Germany!





More information
fire ATX
Width 1915mm
Height 1766mm
depth 1110mm
Weight approx. 120 kg
Resilience 350kg
Color black satin finish fine structure powder coated
Certification EN 20957 I.II.IV - H
guarantee 3 years


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