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The ultimate workout station from the ATX ® Series 
Expandable with mounting option for various device options 

Fully featured multi-gym leaves few wishes.
The innovative system combines five fundamental training equipment to a compact workout station at its best.
Lever-arm multi-press, lat pull, squat machine, dips Ingots and Multibank allow extensive
training routines with a large variety of exercises.
The sophisticated system allows the simultaneous training of up to four people.
The rugged construction is ideal for associations, clubs, hotels and for the ambitious home user.

- Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S -

- Quality Products Designed in Germany -

  • Solid construction in a compact design
  • Simple and convenient operation with optimal biomechanics
  • Sure, it was clear and stable
  • Extensive practice facilities
  • With Ø 30 mm Weight Plate recording as standard, optional for Ø 50 mm available
    (Tip: Order the adapter for Ø 50 mm / Part No .: BB-OA-250 PVC simply directly)
  • With protective feet, floor-saving and non-slip

Lever-arm multi-press station

  • Alternating lever arms with 2 types of handle, max.Griffweite 98 cm
  • 11-fold in fine pitch adjustable, thereby optimally positioned for each exercise
  • Lever arms 4 ballraces
  • An apparatus for hooking of resistance bands to generate additional training effects
  • The alternating lever arms are opposite one-piece rigid levers the great advantage that both sides of the body
    have until the last repetition provide the exact same exercise performance, making a disharmonious
    development regarding strength and muscle size successfully is counteracted!
  • Excellent biomechanics, ideally suited to carry out fundamental exercises like bench press,
    incline press, neck press, decline bench press and other exercises
  • Resistance (kg 2 x 125) to 250 kg

Lat Pull Machine

  • silky-smooth running characteristics
  • Precision weights plug, guide plate with 4 slide
  • Varied exercise possibilities by upper and lower Zugrollenfunktion, available without reconstruction
  • Weight ratio 1: 1 - no pulley effect!
  • Chromed Ø 25 mm precision guide rods and ball-bearing pulleys provide
    excellent running properties without jerking and tilting
  • Highly flexible, expansion steel rope with black plastic coating
  • Weight of 100 kg magazine 5kg gradation
  • 2.5 kg additional weight for a finer gradation weight
  • with an additional holder for attaching weight plates to increase the weight
  • with a device for hooking resistance bands to generate additional training effects
  • Swivel seat for full usability of lower traction roll
  • Adjustable leg clamp
  • Stand plates and foot support for stability and grip when pulling exercises over the lower pulley
  • Ideally suited for training the back, shoulder, arm and chest muscles
  • Loads up to 180 kg

Leg training station

  • Ideally suited for training the thigh and calf muscles
  • Optimal ergonomics, easy and comfortable handling
  • Back strain practice execution by stable guided posture
  • NOTABLAGE quickly and easily adjustable to two different heights
  • Latch system with one-hand operation for the START-STOP position
  • Two Stemmbleche allow variable exercise execution by various types of leg positions
    whereby the thigh muscle training differing stimuli may be suspended.
  • Quick and easy to perform calf training, without modification, by Wade integrated block
  • An apparatus for hooking of resistance bands to generate additional training effects
  • Ball-bearing arm with comfortable padding
  • Loads up to 200 kg

Dips station

  • Massive Dips ingots for the training of breast, Trizep- and shoulder muscles
  • Stable Ø 45 mm spars, high load up to 250 kg
  • With a device for hooking resistance bands to generate additional training effects

Multibank RAS 

  • Sure, extremely flexible, convenient and super stable
  • Optimal ergonomics and ease of use
  • Self-sufficient usable, quick and easy positioning on multi-gym
  • Backrest 15-fold adjustable in inclination of -10 ° (negative) to 82 °
  • Seat 3 adjustable in inclination
  • By Scooter Adjustment system RAS, the bank always automatically is in after adjusting the inclination
    must be the correct position for the dumbbell, without which the bank still be moved further.
    The bank is practically aligned only once a dumbbell rack and can then for all exercises of negative
    remain until neck press in this position.
  • The seat height is reduced depending on the inclination angle of the seat back by up to 10 cm
    , the lower seating height is of advantage when inclined bench press and neck as well as at various dumbbell exercises.
    This offers clear advantages in terms of safety and handling.
  • With swiveling reinforcing brace for heavy loads in the flat position
  • Extremely sturdy frame
  • Loads up to 400 kg
  • With front-Tube adapter various optionally available for recording accessory devices (see below) for legs, chest, arms, shoulders and abdomen
  • With transport wheels and swivel handle for fast and comfortable positioning of the bank
  • With protective feet, floor-saving and non-slip

Scope of delivery:

  • ATX ® Multiplex Workout Station incl. Multibank

The reccomended accessories weight plates, handles, rods and resistance bands shown on any pictures or videos are not included with ATX ® Multiplex Workout Station and they have to be paid extra!

Dimensions &. weights:

workout station

  • Depth: 198 cm
  • Width: 215 cm -323 cm (with / without multi-bank)
  • Height: 214 cm
  • Weight: approx 280 kg


  • Length: about 149 cm
  • Width: approx 76 cm
  • Height: - 112 cm 45 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg

Dimensions padding Multibank:

  • Backrest: length x width 80 cm x 24 cm / 31 cm
  • Upholstery Total length: 121 cm


  • Multibank Bank: 400 kg
  • Multi press lever arms: 250 kg (2 kg x 125)
  • Lat pull: 180 kg
  • Squat machine: 200 kg
  • Dip bars: 250 kg

Color: black / gray silk matt fine structure
pad:   black, ATX ® logo

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