ATX Multigym GMX-2000 with 2 x 90 KG plug weights (PREORDER PRICE -30%)
30% OFF (was €5,525)
Product Code: 104ATX-GMX-2000
Brand: ATX
Due the high demand of fitness products in Europe, we are unable to know when this product will be back in stock!


Amazing offer. Preorder ATX Multigym GMX-2000 and get -30% Discount. Delivery within 6-8 weeks

Complete station - multi press with linear ball bearing guide, free dumbbell rack / free rack with J-hooks and safety spotter arms
+ duplex pulling station with 2 x 90 KG plug weights!

incl. 2 J-hooks
incl. 2 safety spotter arms
incl. 2 one-hand grips
incl. lat pull bar
incl. triceps grip - straight
incl. training rope nylon
incl. long cross bar
incl. removable knee padding - for lat pulls
incl. removable dip bars
incl. 2 Compression locks - 50 mm holder
incl. 2 chain extensions
incl. 4 snap hooks

  • Post dimensions 5 x 5 cm with 33 holes and 21 mm diameter
  • Ratio of 1: 1

+ with integrated multi-chin-up bar, knurled for extra grip
+ with 6 integrated weight plate holders - 50 mm
+ with 1 weight bar holder - universal - 50 mm

Width 200cmLenght 154cm

Height 223cm

Depth 120cm

Weight 414Kg

** Leg press option not included

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