ATX ® Monster full-Functional Gym

To describe in words hardly these multi station offers an almost inexhaustible variety of training u. Exercise variations.
All the key data we have following summarized in the table for you.
There are still far more possible exercise / applications.

Power rack, Functional, Functional fitness-area, multi-press, multi Zugapparat, coach Cable Cross, etc.

Thus, the ATX ® Monster full-functional gym probably the currently most complete and most perfect power station at all -
whether personal training - Functional Fitness - Studio or for the ambitious strength training at home, this unique multi-station all demands.

This full-Functional Gym includes several highly professional base stations in one:

  • double - multifunctional Zugapparat with 2 x 100 kg weights plug with protective cover
  • Smith machine with linear ball bearing guide
  • Free Dumbbell Rack / Power Rack 
  • Further, a plurality of integrated / removable construction and components contain:
  • adjustable Dipsbarren with two different handle widths
  • Pull-up bar Multi / Monkey Chin
  • T-bar rowing station
  • Latzugstation
  • 2 einstellbare- and removable start / basket hooks for free barbell training
  • 2 einstellbare- and removable safety rests / / Notablagen for the barbell
  • 11-piece handle and Zugstangensortiment (as shown) 
  • the double-sided multi-functional Zugapparat with 2 x 100 kg plug weights allows all possible
    einarmige- and beidarmige pull exercises. The steerable traction rollers are 32-fold adjustable in height.
    Through the included pan supporting the device is quickly convertible into a full lat.
  • The multi-press runs with linear guided ball bearings on specially hardened shafts.
    Thus, the running property is completely vibration-free and silky smooth. A tilt is not possible.
    The so guided, knurled barbell has a max. Grip width of 1120 mm - with adjustable safety / Notablage
    The dumbbell consumption is Ø 50 mm.
  • at the two thick-walled support post the start / basket hooks and the emergency / safety rests must be hooked.
    The device can thus be quickly and easily converted for the free weight training into a full half-rack.
    The shelves are made of thick / heavy square tube, and are in the highest tray 24 exactly adjustable. 
  • The device is suitable exclusively from quality components gefertig and therefore for professional use.
  • all the rollers are ball bearings
  • Spoke weights from CNC-machined solid steel on precision full steel shafts running
  • Top-optics, electro-static powder coated in silk matt finish

Tip: Expand continue your exercise spectrum. Order the appropriate device for ATX ® Leg Press Option (see accessories) directly with it.

Dimensions &. Mass:

  • Net weight: 450 kg
  • Load capacities:
    chin-up bar - 300 kg
    Dipsbarren - 200 kg
    free dumbbell rack / shelf - 300 kg
    Multi Press - 200 kg
  • Diameter of the weight plate shots: 50 mm
  • for all conventional barbells and weight plates 50 mm diameter suitable 
  • Pfostenmaß the front is 70 mm (width) x 50 mm (depth), the Pfostenlochungen have Ø 25 mm

Color: black - satin finish


  • ATX ®Monster full-Functional Gym
  • kg with 2 integrated waxed blocks per 100 kg gradation 5, with safety enclosure
  • with 2 integrated weight plate trays Ø 50 mm
  • with 2 integrated barbell shelves Ø 50 mm
  • with integrated pull-up bar
  • with removable Dipsbarren
  • with einhakbarer T-bar rowing station
  • 2 knee / padding rollers
  • with two chrome slats for training with resistance bands
  • 11-piece train / Griffstangen- Set
  • with 2 short shelf hook - for free barbell training
  • 2 long emergency / safety rests - for free and safe barbell training 
  • Delivered on a pallet - disassembled, including assembly instructions.
  • Weight plates, barbell, resistance bands - are not included in Lieferunpfang

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ATX® Monster full-Functional Gym

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205 cm


230 cm


140 cm


450 kg

load-bearing capacity

Pull-up bar 300 kg Dipsbarren: 200 kg, free dumbbell Rack / Shelf 300 kg 200 kg multi-press


black satin finish








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