ATX Kinetic Trainer
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ATX® Kinetic Trainer


Eccentric training without limits anywhere: An absolute novelty

In classic muscle training, we mostly work with concentric movements, in which the focus is on the contraction of the muscles, such as pressing up a dumbbell on a bench press. Flywheel training with the ATX ® Kinetic Trainer, on the other hand, primarily requires eccentric muscle work: movement against resistance, such as lowering the dumbbell when bench pressing.

This works with a rotating flywheel, which should be set in motion in the concentric part of the exercise and then braked again with maximum effort in the eccentric part. Ideally, with this maximum effort, the resistance slows down faster than the resistance builds up in the concentric phase. This results in an enormous training stimulus that you can only achieve with difficulty with other means.

When training with the ATX ® Kinetic Trainer you increase your:

  • muscular strength
  • muscle mass
  • bounce
  • core strength

This is how training with the flywheel works:

The Kinetic Trainer is a compact device that can be flexibly attached to walls, rigs or pillars. The motion sequence occurs in two phases.

Phase 1 - Concentric movement: The flywheel inside the trainer is set in motion and accelerated by pulling on the band. It builds up kinetic energy. As soon as the band has been completely unwound, the flywheel pulls it back automatically: like a yo-yo.

Phase 2 - Eccentric Movement: The band is pulled back by the flywheel. The challenge is to bring the rotating plate to a standstill quickly using high resistance. After that, the concentric movement starts again.

As soon as you get used to the sequence of movements with the ATX ® Kinetic Trainer, you can individually vary the level of difficulty with the swing in the concentric phase and the selected flywheel combination!

Decide for yourself how hard you want to train!

It doesn't matter whether it's a warm-up or maximum muscle growth: You can determine the intensity yourself when training with the Kinetic Trainer. The greater the force required to unroll the tape, the greater the resistance when the tape is pulled back. Unlike weight training, your muscles are always under stress. This increases the efficiency and intensity of your workout!

The individually adjustable intensity makes flywheel training perfect for many different needs: from top-level sport and sport-specific training, general fitness and personal training to rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

The ATX ® Kinetic Trainer guarantees effective, sustainable muscle building!

  • With kinetic training, you determine the intensity of your workout yourself.
  • Small and compact: The ATX ® Kinetic Trainer can be transported and used flexibly
  • Uncomplicated assembly: With the included combination suspension, you can attach the Kinetic Trainer to rigs, posts, walls and even trees.
  • Versatile training options: Strengthen your arms with the aluminum double handle, train your legs with the robust ankle straps.
  • Suitable for top sports, personal training, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, studios, home gym
  • Training up to a maximum weight load of 150 kg
  • Webbing: 250 cm long and made of robust polyamide
  • Made in Europe
  • Length x width x height: 41 x 32 x 16 cm


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