ATX® Half Rack 810
Product Code: 104ATX-HRX-810
Brand: ATX
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The squat and half racks of the 800 series are made from 80 x 80 x 3 mm thick section steel tubes and impress with their massive, precise construction. The outstanding modular compatibility of our racks and the enormous optional variety are unmatched in the industry and enable a wide range of professional exercises. The massive load posts have 46 position heights with lasered digits on the inside and outside, which allows precise and quick positioning of the J-hooks, safety arms and options on both sides. Additional cross holes in the floor struts allow the attachment of band pegs for training with resistance bands. Thanks to the generous floor frame of 127 cm wide and 180 cm deep and the high weight of 91 kg, the half rack offers maximum freedom of movement and maximum stability. Due to the massive construction with extra reinforced gusset plates and 20 mm thick connecting screws, the Half Rack HRX-810 is absolutely torsion-free and unbreakable even under permanent heavy loads. The total load capacity is 1000 kg and underlines the extremely robust construction of this rack. The ATX ® racks of the 800 series guarantee reliable stability and security thanks to the high load reserve! Incidentally, all ATX ® Racks are not only tested for total load-bearing capacity, but especially for permanent load with regard to material fatigue and are of course safety-certified!

Like all ATX ® racks, the Half Rack HRX-810 is manufactured with the latest fully automatic laser cutting and robot welding technology and offers first-class workmanship and a perfect fit. A rack of the high-end class in first-class quality.

Quality Products Designed in Germany - Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV- Class S

Overview - Half Rack HRX- 810

  • Freestanding, very stable, torsion-free construction
  • loadable up to 1,000 kg
  • Security certified
  • Comfortable interior for maximum freedom of movement
    W x D x H: 127 cm x 180 cm x 246.5 cm  
  • made of 80 x 80 x 3 mm thick tubular steel with reinforced gusset plates
  • Load post with 20 mm thick bolts, screwed 6 times horizontally and vertically
  • 46-fold perforation / position
    heights , with position digits lasered on the inside and outside, for precise and quick positioning of J-hooks, emergency shelves or
    optional accessories on both sides
  • with perforations in the floor struts, allows the attachment of band pegs for training with resistance bands
  • Including single chin-up / pull-up bar, Ø 32 mm
  • with rubberized protective feet, gentle on the floor and non-slip
  • Color: black, silk matt fine structure, powder coated
  • Outstanding HQ finish

Can be expanded with a variety of first-class options such as dips bars, safety arms, landmine, MonoLift, Mobility Roller or the utility board.
A detailed overview of all options can be found in the comparison list above.

Scope of delivery:
ATX ® Half Rack HRX-810
incl. Chin-up bar - single chin- up

, accessories shown as examples - weight bars, weight plates, J-hooks, safety arms,
plate storage are available as options and are not included in the scope of delivery!

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