ATX® Cerakote Multi Bar - Barbell Bar in Stormtrooper White


ATX ® Cerakote Multi Bar - the special barbell bar in Stormtrooper White

This special ATX ® Cerakote Multi Bar is a multifunctional dumbbell bar with a high quality white Cerakote coating.

With a length of 220 cm, double reach markings according to international standards - IWF / 910 mm and IPF / 810 mm,
and a total weight of 20 kg, this barbell offers a wide range of uses.
With a PSI value of 190000 (190 KSI), this barbell is heavy-duty and very hard-wearing.
Whether powerlifting (powerlifting with: squat, bench press, deadlift), weightlifting (weightlifting) or classic strength training / bodybuilding,
the ATX ® Cerakote Stormtrooper White is ideally suited for multifunctional applications and will inspire athletes.

Coating in Cerakote Stormtrooper White, weight plate holder in Black Chrome.
The special white Cerakote coating is a wafer-thin, slightly transparent-looking, silk-matt ceramic coating that
allows you to feel direct contact with the pure steel and ensures a secure grip.
The coating has excellent corrosion resistance and low abrasion properties *.

* Note: When contacting / placing on unprotected metal shelves / J-hooks etc., the coating of the rod can be damaged.
It is therefore recommended to place the shelf on plastic or rubber-coated shelves.


ATX ® Cerakote Multi Bar -  Stormtrooper White

  • professional barbell bar with a special white Cerakote coating
  • high quality tempered steel according to EN 102775-5
  • Tensile strength (Tesile Strength): 190,000 psi = 190 K (K / KSI = kilopounds per square inch)
  • high load capacity + 600 kg
  • Knurling: Precision knurling - RGE 30 ° - medium
  • international dual reach marking IWF / IPF - 910/810 mm
  • without knurling
  • Rod with special ceramic coating - Cerakote - Stormtrooper White
  • Recordings / Coating: Black Chrome
  • Recordings / storage: high-quality, maintenance-free bronze bushings
  • Recordings: Ø 50 mm
  • Suitable for all commercially available weight plates with a 50/51 mm hole
  • High quality encapsulated end faces with safety ring
  • End cap with ATX ®logo
  • Total length: 2200 mm
  • Inner handle dimensions: 1310 mm
  • Handle diameter: 28.5 mm
  • Weight: 20 KG
  • Load capacity: 600 KG


ATX ® offers first-class, tested and proven equipment for professional use.
The barbell has an extremely high tensile and compressive strength with simultaneous elasticity.

ATX ® dumbbell bars undergo the following material tests in a German independent test laboratory:

  • Tensile test according to DIN EN ISO 6892-1
    Tensile test acc. To DIN EN ISO 6892-1
  • Rockwell hardness acc. DIN EN ISO 6508-1
    Hardness Rockwell acc. DIN EN ISO 6508-1

In this way, the dumbbell bars can be deformed up to a certain tension (elastic limit) in
order to then return elastically to the initial state without permanent deformation.
The decisive factor here is the optimally high-quality alloy made of chrome, molybdenum, silicon and manganese, among others.
Whether for weightlifting or powerlifting, ATX ® dumbbell bars withstand even the most extreme requirements and
thus meet the highest demands.

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