ATX ® 2-Grip - cast weight plates 30 mm 

  • Perfection in design and function
  • ATX ® weight plates made of cast, with 31 mm bore
  • Suitable for all 30 mm dumbbell bars
  • with two opposing interventions
  • these enable various exercises directly with the weight plates, e.g. front lifts, pull-ups, side lifts, shrugs etc.
  • Top in design, HQ finish
  • Color: Black
  • fine-pored cast design
  • rounded edges with handle hub
  • with integrated KG information

All prices quoted are per piece

Tip: Use our optionally available practical ATX ® Dead Wedge / wedge (see under accessories), so that your barbell equipped with the weight plates is firmly positioned where you want it to be.

Dimension table:

Weight in kg - 0.5 1.25 2.5 5 10 15th 20th 25th
Diameter / mm - 110 150 185 215 295 350 390 390
Thickness / mm - 10 15th 20th 25th 30th 40 40 47
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