Aerial Yoga Hammock Set - 2 Rigging Points
Product Code: 118FTARL-YOGA-HAMM-2RP
Brand: Firetoys
Due the high demand of fitness products in Europe, we are unable to know when this product will be back in stock!


Yoga hammocks are used to support your body weight allowing you to achieve deep stretches and other yoga postures in a more relaxing way with a reduced chance of injury. Aerial yoga hammocks also help to develop core strength and to decompress the spine.

This pack contains 1x aerial yoga silk hammock (choose colour above) with two rings attached, 4x steel carabiners and 2x SML Dyneema loop chains OR 2x Belay Daisy Chains for adjusting the height of the rig (see below). All components of this set are professionally strength tested and come with Working Load (WLL) and Breaking Load Limits (BLL). Watch out for equipment that does not state WLL or BLL as they may not be safe.

These quality aerial yoga hammocks measure 6m x 2.8m so are shorter and much wider than normal silks as they are designed to be hung low from an aerial yoga rig or ceiling point. Some companies sell 1.6m wide aerial silks as hammocks however you will find the narrow width of silks is not sufficient for aerial yoga. The recommended minimum width for aerial yoga is 2.8m, and this is the only size hammock we sell. These aerial hammocks have been designed specifically for aerial yoga and are available in a range of colours. Each hammock is supplied with two stainless steel rings attached.

Firetoys are a manufacturer and distributor who specialise in aerial silks and other aerial circus apparatus that is often over 10m high, all their hammocks exceed all required safety standards.

These hammocks have a working load limit of 172kg (379lbs). 

Available Colors:

Black, Pink, Purple, White, Red, Lavender, Orange, Turquoise


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