Polyurethane 4-grip weight plates 50 mm


These new, polyurethane-coated weight plates are based on the latest technology in weight plate production. Polyurethane (PUR or PU) is a special plastic from the urethane group. The high-quality polyurethane mixture in our panes has an optimal degree of hardness with elastic properties at the same time. The PU coating therefore has an extremely high tear resistance and is extremely insensitive and resistant to impacts, abrasion, scratches or flaking.


The excellent 4-grip design with a high-end finish ensures perfect handling at all times. The weight plates were equipped with a flanged precision stainless steel ring and thus enable smooth and smooth loading and unloading of the recordings. These weight plates are very durable even under the most extreme, permanent loads. The matt surface is colourfast and therefore resistant to color fading. The incorporated, distinctive red line, which stands out with its black / red color scheme, sets a special accent. Another feature of these high-quality discs is the very low weight deviation.


The PU material used has no vapors / odors and is therefore absolutely odorless.


A real high-tech weight plate in a top design


Bore Ø: 51 mm - metal inner ring - crimped

Material: cast disc - polyurethane coated

Execution: with 4 openings suitable for all dumbbell bars / holders Ø 50 mm                               

Surface / color: urethane - black, with red line, with integrated white KG information


All prices quoted are per piece


Pricing per piece


The following sizes are available:


item number     Weight in kg

Diameter (ø) in mm:       Thickness in mm

50-TPU-0125      1.25        195         20th

50-TPU-0250      2.5          230         27

50-TPU-0500      5              280         28

50-TPU-1000      10           360         33

50-TPU-1500      15th       370         40

50-TPU-2000      20th       450         40

50-TPU-2500      25th       450         45

This weight plate model is also available from us with a Ø 30 mm internal mount (item no. 30-TPU-).


Show bundle options     No

brand    Mega fitness shop

category              Weight plates 50mm

Delivery unit      piece

Type      Urethane washers

material               Cast urethane coated

colour   black red

Weight 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, 5.0 kg, 10.0 kg, 15.0 kg, 20.0 kg, 25.0 kg

Weight tolerance             +/- 1%

Dimensions        see table

Inside diameter of the holder    50.8 mm

empty field        

only with bumperplates:             

Shore A hardness            ---

Jumping behavior            ---

damping              ---

empty field        

Scope of application:     

fitness  YES

Strength training              YES

Powerlifting       NO

Weightlifting      NO

empty field        

Certification / test           ---

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